Our Practice Areas

How can we help you? Have our expert talk to you about different options that best suit your situation.

Temporary Residence

Do you wish to visit, study, or work in Canada? Any of your family members would be interested to join you as well? Or do you wish to call your parents on Super Visa?

Permanent Residence

Do you wish to make Canada your new Habitat? Think no further. We at Galleon Immigration can help you accomplish that.


Citizenship Services

Are you a permanent resident who wants to become a citizen of Canada?


Refugee Services

We at Galleon Immigration have a vast knowledge about helping individuals to claim protection in Canada.

Other Services

Galleon Immigration also provides different services to their clients. Some services are listed below:


  1. Permanent Residence card renewal
  2. Permanent Residence restoration
  3. Visa extension services
  4. Temporary Resident permit application
  5. Humanitarian and Compassionate application